beyond44 exists to keep the world innovating.

Our Vision is to be the worldwide partner of choice in mobility, smart society, education, food/agtech, and healthcare by revolutionizing our customers’ adoption of high technology in innovative and ethical ways.


Triad of services to build culture of innovation, adopt high technology and evolve to align and support a technology first future

advanced tech innovation

How can your buisness use AI blockchain metaverse to its benefit?

innovative future

How can your business promote a culture of curiosity that leads to innovation?

future builder

How can your business support growth of a technology first future?

Extracting Innovation @X of
Advanced Technology,
Creative Spaces &
Service Mindset.

With technology tightly woven into the fabric of human life we research and advocate for responsible technologies in three areas that we believed have the most impact on human life, Future of Education,Future of Work and Urban Fabric

The industries we work with are Health, Food, Education, Environment and Security. These industries serve fundamental human needs and are aligned with UNSDGs. 


we Believe



Organizations thrive when they elevate the community they operate in.



Technology is a vital part of every organization, harnessing and innovating around it is a must.



Innovation is not an option, and creative individuals create innovative organizations.




We Serve as thought partner to future focused leaders committed to making and keeping their organizations innovative. 




Our solutions bring organizations and community together to play and explore for the purpose of igniting new ideas and building products or services for an innovative future. 

THiNK Transformation

Innovation Think Tank

Accelerator as a Service