Beyond44 is a future focused THiNK Tank. Beyond Smart City, from Innovation districts to megalopolises. Future of Work, Education, Food, AgTech, Mobility and Community.

We work with organizations to identify technologies impacting their industry and design frameworks that make them resilient to change.

The designed frameworks result in cultural and leadership transformations needed to survive a fast changing future, transformations that impact the organization and the Community they operate in.

At our organization, we deeply engage with maturing technologies that are poised to make a profound social impact in the near future. Our relentless pursuit involves exploring the practical applications of these technologies across multiple sectors, including urban fabric, education, agtech, food, health, and medicine. By delving into the potential of these innovations, we strive to uncover transformative opportunities that can positively shape our urban environments, revolutionize education, enhance agricultural technology, improve food systems, and revolutionize healthcare and medicine. Our mission is to harness the power of these maturing technologies to bring about significant advancements and benefits to society as a whole.