Smart City

Beyond Smart City

Smart City goes beyond sensors and technology to prioritize the human element in creating smart cities. We focus on various aspects such as urban planning, micro mobility, research labs, local token economies, and distributed micro infrastructures. These innovative frameworks aim to establish Innovation Districts where the Creative Class can live, work, and build an innovative future.

Guided by the first principle that innovation has always flourished in cities through human collaboration, and with the majority of people projected to live in cities in the near future, we, as technology experts leading this transition, believe it is our responsibility to ensure human vitality in this future.

This practice area collaborates with cities and organizations on projects that strive to elevate the human condition in urban centers, recognizing them as hubs for serendipitous urban interactions that foster innovation.

  • Focus Areas

Micro Mobility

Localized Token Economy

Decentralized Micro Infrastructures

Algorithmic Zoning

Digital Divide elimination

Smart City as a 4ce of Good

Energy, Transportation, Education, Urban Ag., Water Management

AI, Iot, Metaverse, BlockChain, Digital Twin, Robtics

  • Activities

Advanced Tech Strategy and Roadmap Development

Future of People Oriented Cities and Communities

Cities as a Force for Good to Eliminate Digital Divide

  • Industry Partners

We closely collaborate with industry partners that offer advanced technology backed solutions and services for inclusive and innovative cities of future. Through these partnerships we build, collaborate on and invest in projects that aim to democratize urban environments.

We collaborate with a diverse range of partners who serve as guiding lights in our decision-making process. These partners include industry leaders, experts in the field, and organizations that share our vision and values.


We partner on projects that positively impact the urban fabric, collaborating with startups that have a mission to elevate the human condition in dynamic cities of our technology-first future.

If you have an idea or MVP in the seed financing phase and are looking for acceleration that can bring industry expertise, advanced technology knowledge, and financing to your startup, we can help. Are you ready to launch?




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