DT2 framework, a deep tech transformation OS.

THiNK beyond, beyond AI. Tools, training & frameworks to transform your technology, culture & people.

beyond44 exists to keep the world innovating…

not by making humans innovate, but by creating conditions where innovation occurs naturally. This is achieved through fostering the right mindset, nurturing curiosity, encouraging creativity, and empowering agency.

All while creating up-skilling frameworks and strategies for Deep Tech Transformations.

DT2 is a meticulously designed ecosystem comprising tools, services, training and frameworks. It drives the transformation of technology, work culture, and human agency, equipping your organization to navigate the ever-accelerating pace of technological change.

Frameworks :

To provide Advanced Tech Strategy and Tech Work Culture consulting to organizations that +itively impact human condition in a technology first world. To initiate discussions around the future of cities, education, food/agtech and healthcare.


Deep Tech upskilling and adopton strategy and roadmap


A work culture that advocates for innovation, through curiosity and creativity.


Spaces & environments that elevate agency through creativity and trust


We hone our expertise in our passion areas through continuous research, advocacy and think tank sessions. We believe these areas directly impact human condition in an advanced-technology-first future more…

urban fabric

Technology to build the urban fabric that nurtures and supports human innovation.


Technology for life-long learning that is customized, experiential and collaborative.

agtech & food

Technology to promote production and consumption habits for a resilient minds.

health & medicine

Technology for healthy mind and body, from preventative to customized medicine.


We delve into maturing technologies that will have great social impact in the near future. We continuously investigate how these technologies can be applied to and benefit urban fabric, education, agtech, food, health and medicine.

AI & No Code

AI maturity assessment, upskilling programs, strategic guidance and no-code solutions to enable seamless AI integration.

Robotics & Additive

CoBots, RaaS and additive manufacturing put robotics within reach for any industry. Customized solutions for increased efficiency.

IoT & Digii Twin

From farm to city and mobility, IoT implementation + AI provide invaluable insights. leading to preventative and efficient services.

Web3 & Block C.

VR/AR/Meta, Block chain and Web3.0 are going through growing cycles, but they are the accountability and security backbone to advanced technologies.


We believe that organizations thrive when they contribute to the betterment of the communities they operate in. Currently, we are actively engaged in programs aimed at raising awareness of advanced technologies. Through these initiatives, we promote ethical and secure adoption practices that enhance our collective experiences.