Health & Medicine

Health & Medicine

Human innovation can only occur through healthy and alert minds in healthy, agile, and energetic bodies. Beyond44 is dedicated to developing preventive and customized health and medicine strategies that lead to this human condition.

From AI and ML for personalized medicine and early detection of medical conditions to Generative AI and robotics as companions for preventing and supporting mental health conditions, the healthcare industry is adopting advanced technologies to promote health and well-being.

This practice area collaborates with startups and SMEs in healthcare to identify innovative technology solutions that promote an active and healthy body and mind. Our smart future starts with healthy, smart humans.

  • Focus areas

Customized Medicine

ML for Early Detection Models

Generative AI Trainers

Companion Robots

Healthcare Cobots

  • Activities

Advanced Tech Strategy and Roadmap Development

Future of Healthcare Reserch and Think Tank Sessions

Future of Work in Healthcare Industry Consulting

  • Industry Partners

We closely collaborate with industry partners that offer advanced technology solutions and products for the healthcare industry. Through these partnerships, we develop comprehensive integrated solutions that meet specific needs.

Do you have a product, solution or service that we can collaborate on?


From AI, ML, robotics, VR to future of healthcare and medicine.


We partner with health and medicine startups with a mission to improve the human condition in a technology-driven future.

If you have an idea or MVP in the seed financing phase and are looking for acceleration that can bring industry expertise, advanced technology knowledge, and financing to your startup, we can help. Are you ready to launch?

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