Agtech & food

Agtech & food

Beyond44 is dedicated to the efficient and sustainable production and consumption of nutritious food, from soil to spoon. Our mission is to promote a healthy mind in a technology-driven world that values creativity and innovation above all else.

From automation and robotics in farming to personalized nutrition that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning, the food industry is adopting advanced technologies to promote sustainable farming and meet individual dietary needs through customized nutrition solutions.

This practice area collaborates with startups and SMEs across the entire food ecosystem to identify innovative technology solutions that promote food sustainability and security from soil to gut, addressing every aspect of the food production and consumption cycle.

  • Focus areas

Soil Sensing and Analysis

Field Monitoring

Precision Farming

Customized nutrition with AI & ML

Generative AI for Training

Vertical Farming

  • Activities

Advanced Tech Strategy and Roadmap Development

Future of Farming and Food Reserch and Think Tank Sessions

Future of Work in Farming and Food Industry Consulting

  • Industry Partners

We closely collaborate with industry partners that offer advanced technology solutions and products for the agtech and food industry. Through these partnerships, we develop comprehensive integrated solutions that meet specific needs.

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Agtech+ & Food+

From Automation, robotics, 5G connectivity, Data, AI, ML to future of farming and food


We partner with agtech and food startups with a mission to improve the human condition in a technology-driven future.

If you have an idea or MVP in the seed financing phase and are looking for acceleration that can bring industry expertise, advanced technology knowledge, and financing to your startup, we can help. Are you ready to launch?

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