The industries that interest us have a direct impact on human well-being in a technology-driven society. As technology pervades every aspect of our lives, we must remain resilient, aware, healthy, continuously learning, curious, and collaborative to foster a creative humanity that innovates and builds in tightly-knit and vibrant communities.

Through continuous research, advocacy, and engagement, we hone our expertise, stay alert, and provide insights into the following industries of interest.

Beyond Smart City

Beyond sensors and data, a truly smart city is about its people. At Beyond44, we delve into the realms of urban design, mobility, and architecture to create environments that foster creativity and innovation. Through the use of various tools and technologies, such as x-minute city modeling, algorithmic analysis, AI modeling, micro-mobility solutions, architectural robotics, and urban robotics, we strive to shape cities that are not only technologically advanced but also prioritize the well-being and engagement of their inhabitants.

Food and AgTech

Humanity has created a complex relatinship with food, a basic need and right. At beyond44 we look into food accessibility and security, vertical farming, arial and land robotics, IoT sensors and digital twin, and AI. We investigage how advanced technology can be used to enhance our relationship with food, and improved production efficiency

Health & Medicne

In a machiine-human integrated future, healthy mind in a healthy body is a basic need. We prioritize technology projects that aim to elevate human health and well-being. This includes initiatives such as developing companion robots, exoskeletons, AI for medical research, implementing IoT and edge AI for safety, providing mental health support through AI and robots, and exploring the potential of medical cobots. Innovative future through healthy minds in a healthy bodies.


Life long and Experiential learning. robtics and AI teaching asssitance.