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AI is rapidly becoming an integral part of both the business and social fabric, necessitating awareness and adoption to stay relevant. Strategic decisions regarding AI adoption are further complicated by the constantly evolving technology landscape and the ongoing discussions surrounding it. We navigate through the noise to provide clarity on AI options, their evolution, ethics, security, and policies.

To capitalize on the opportunities at the intersection of business and AI, Chief Product Officers and product management leaders at all levels need visibility into emerging AI technologies and the business strategies for successful implementation.

To leverage the opportunities arising at the intersection of AI and business, we offer AI Strategy Consulting services that encompass developing a technology roadmap and a complementary UpSkilling roadmap for executives, leadership, and management at all levels.

  • Focus Ares:

AI Maturity Analysis

Our goal is to assess an organization’s current AI capabilities, identify gaps, and determine areas for improvement. We then provide guidance and support in developing a roadmap to build a more effective AI organization.

AI Upskilling

Every AI strategy necessitates an UpSkilling roadmap to ensure long-term feasibility and resilience. We provide support to executives in their strategic decision-making process and offer AI visibility to Chief Product Officers and product management leaders at all levels.

Generative AI

Generative AI holds tremendous potential to revolutionize numerous industries. Through its capacity to generate novel and innovative ideas, AI is poised to reshape our interactions with knowledge, politics, and the very fabric of our societies.

AI Guidelines

The ethical uses of AI, policy adoption, and governance frameworks are key considerations in the implementation of artificial intelligence.

Augmented Language Models

Retrieval, Chains, or Tool-Augmented LLMs: These purpose-built GenAI platforms interact with specific content to generate enhanced results. They aim to reduce or eliminate hallucinations while elevating accuracy, security, and privacy.

Retrieval Augmented Language Models (REALMs)

Augment the knowledge of an LLM with external information, by modifying the LLM architecture to incorporate the external data.

In-Context RALM

Augment the knowledge of LLMs with external information without modifying their architecture.

Synthetic Data

Edge AI

AutoGPT and AI Agents

GenAI Plugins

Reinforce Learning and MLaaS

Serverless AI API and Applications

GPU Programming Frameworks