Entrepreneurial Toolbox

Entreprenurial mindset values continious learning, innovatoin mindset, being a change agent and built culture over all else. This is the mindset needed for a future where advanced technology is embeded in every facric of human life.

This toolbox is a part of our community project with the mission to nurture entruprenurial mindset at individual level, you will find tools, methodologies, and information that develps the mindset and

Curiosity Learn to learn , ability to effectively learn


Generative AI

  • Marketing
  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Idea generation
  • Early drafts

Image music and text generation tech allow people to bolster their own skills in areas they are lacking

Gold mine for entrepreneurs and business owners: making it much easier and faster to launch whatever ideas you are thinking of doing

Learning basics statistics to get a leg up when dealing with AI models.

Entrepreneurial skill, innovative mindset, be an agent of change

Goldfarb recommended becoming proficient in statistics and mathematics to get a leg up when dealing with AI models.

design thinking, critical thinking,

Mathemathics and statistics



Business startup tools


journalinng is important