Thinker > Hack > iNNOVATE > Kick-Start;

THiNK methodology is based on this simple  recursive model, and when implemented with precision and efficiency it creates sustainable and innovative organizations that are resilient and adapt to change.

Every organization is unique and so is the THiNK model that works for them. We design a precise THiNK model that fits an organization’s needs, culture and strength.

Every organization needs to be profitable, an efficient THiNK model will find the balance between play and productivity that improves long term profitability. 

Innovation is at the heart of THiNK methodology, innovation is not an option anymore and to be sustainable organizations need to innovate.

OPEN” is the future and “INNOVATION” is no longer optional

Steve Rader
Deputy Director for NASA’s Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation

Organizations need to be responsible for the life-long learning of employees and elevation of their community, to become innovative. THiNK methodology creates an environment for open discussion with employees and the community at large, and only through these open discussions  we find innovative solutions to complex problems.

Our solutions are designed to foster emergence of innovative environments where diverse and dispersed employees thrive and engage with their community to become innovative entities within a larger federation. This inclusive innovative thinking combined with open communication will lead to resilient organizations that ride the waves of change and do well, good!


What is our strategy to implement the stages of THiNK?



Identify technologies impacting the organization in short, mid and long term (1 decade perspective).  Implement actions that foster a collective thinker mindset that continuously imagines how new technologies can be applied to the organization’s products and services. 



Let tinkering lead into Hacking, exploratory use of new technologies to solve exiting problems or address previously unforeseen needs. Localized hackathons with an organization and the immediate community through a physical space, a lab, and a culture that allows and more importantly promotes open and safe play.



Let hackathons lead to innovative technology solutions that solve a real problem in a sustainable and responsible way. Technology for the sake of technology, business as usual and profit trumps all are the common mindsets that lead to many socially irresponsible and devalued solutions and products we see today. Every entity within an organization should be an intrapreneur that thinks at the intersection of technology, business, end-user and society.



Accelerator within an organization selectively and openly picks innovative ideas brought forward by intrapreneurs, and nurtures them into  realized products and solutions by providing the intrapreneur with required time and resources. 

OUR Terms

THiNK is threading uncharted waters and some of the terms may be vague or unfamiliar in the context being used, here is our definition for some of these terms


Collaboration the new competitive edge. Breaking silos within organization. Working with organizations and individuals from diverse industries to solve problems. Crowdsourcing ideas. Working with the community. Open data. Open Source.


Supporting and nurturing the physical community we operate in is socially responsible, and as important as the cyber communities we are involved in. 


All individuals within an organization should feel safe to share their ideas openly without any concern of favouritism, prejudice or judgement. They should be empowered to use part of their working hours to imaging and conceive of new services and products.


Initiatives that bring value to the organization. Initiatives with zero or positive global impact.


Initiative that create unity and consider encompassing well being of humanity


Moving from a specialized to a generalized mindset. Be specialized in an area of knowledge but have general knowledge of many ares. Engineers that understand marketing and business.